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Last Friday, April 20th, NASA engineer David Beverly was murdered in his office at the Johnson Space Center, shot by a co-worker who subsequently committed suicide. The co-worker was an on-site contractor who believed, mistakenly, that David was trying to have him fired. Another co-worker, Fran Crenshaw, was taken hostage during the incident but was not otherwise harmed.

Nearly everyone reading this message will be familiar with these facts, played out as they were on national television. What most of you will not know, but should, is the kind of man who was lost in this sad event, and how David and Fran behaved as they struggled to defend themselves and each other.

David Beverly was a long-time NASA engineer, a parts specialist widely regarded as one of the very best in this critical discipline in all of NASA. He was a quiet, thoughtful man, known for his willingness and ability to apply his knowledge, to convey it clearly to colleagues and co-workers, and for his dedication to NASA and its mission. He was simply in love with what we do at NASA. He was also known for his dedication to weekend motorbiking, in company with his JSC motorcycle club colleagues.

David was an engineer’s engineer. He lived in the waterfront home that he designed, and which he maintained to exacting standards. He was known to friends as the guy who could and would fix anything that went wrong, at his home or theirs. He lived in that home with his companion of five decades, Linda, his sweetheart from junior high school days and his wife since college. Linda is a facilities management professional where, ironically, she often deals with the consequences of workplace violence.

Shortly after lunch on Friday, David and Fran were confronted in their office by the killer, a man whose own office was literally down the hall, and with whom David had had lunch that very day. Though dealing with the surreal situation of being threatened by a co-worker wielding a gun, both remained calm. David tried to reason with the attacker until the man raised the gun and shot him twice, and then left the room to lock the outer office door.

Though critically wounded, David attempted with Fran’s assistance to barricade the inner office door with a desk, but was unsuccessful. The attacker returned and shot David again, this time with mortal effect.

The attacker, having barricaded himself in the office suite, then proceeded to tie Fran up, telling her that she was his hostage. After an extended conversation with Fran, and composing several suicide notes, the attacker shot himself. Hearing the shot, the Houston Police Department SWAT Team broke down the door and conducted Fran, who had freed herself, to the hospital for evaluation.

Despite her ordeal, Fran was determined to be unharmed, calm, and fully in possession of her faculties, and so was released from the hospital. She then drove immediately to the Houston Police Department, where she provided investigators with a careful recounting of the afternoon’s events, after which she was dismissed.

Linda added a bit more detail to Fran’s story. She told us how, after completing her duties to the police investigators, Fran then called Linda to tell her how David had died, and that David had told her that Linda was his “soulmate”. Linda replied, “I knew that.” I must tell you that it was very hard to hear her relate this vignette.

On Saturday, JSC Director Mike Coats and I met with Houston Police officials, who informed us of the results of their investigation. They made a point of telling us that both David and Fran had acted “heroically”, that they had done all they could, each trying to protect the other, and that they had simply never seen a calmer and more self-possessed individual than Fran in any similar situation, concerning which they had all too much experience, including another case elsewhere that same afternoon. Houston Police Chief Hurtt stated that “not all of NASA’s heroes fly in space.”

HPD officials also made a point of complimenting NASA’s handling of the incident by internal security forces, citing the manner in which the incident site was surrounded and contained by NASA security personnel until local and Federal law enforcement officials arrived, and uninvolved employees were expeditiously evacuated from the area.

While all involved performed to the highest of standards, we will nonetheless review the entire incident, with the intent of producing an “after-action report”, with lessons on both what went well and what did not, that could be valuable should such an event ever occur again.

There will be a memorial service for David Beverly on Wednesday, 2 5 April, and flags at NASA will be flown at half-staff for a week in mourning.

No more than any of you do I know what to make of, or to take from, this awful thing, other than to realize, once again, that none of us knows the day or hour of our passing, and that the “now” is precious. David and Linda did not know when they said goodbye that morning that it would be for the last time. She told me that they almost never quarreled, and that their last words were of love and caring. She will have that as her final memory of her soulmate.

Let us all go forward with the goal of leaving behind just such memories for our family, friends, and co-workers to have when our last day arrives, as it must.

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LORDSTOWN — Ten applicants have applied to fill a vacant seat on village council with the recent resignation of long-time councilwoman Karen Jones.

Village council met in special session Monday to take care of end-of-year business and also to adjourn to executive session to review the applicants.

Those who applied are: Fred Bencivengo, Terry Campbell, William Catlin, James Gates, Roberta Hiller, Michael Hodak, Mark McGrail, Tim Rech, Dave Smith and Darin Ward.

Bencivengo serves on the village zoning board; Campbell is a retired village police captain; Catlin serves on the village school board; Gates is a local engineer; Hiller is a former village school board member; Hodak is a local businessman; McGrail is a former village school board member who had run in the November general election; Rech is a planning commission member; Smith is a General Motors retiree and school district coach; and Ward is a write-in candidate in the November general election.

Councilman Ron Radtka said council has until Jan. 16 to fill the open seat having officially accepted Jones’ resignation on Dec. 16.

Radtka said they will review the applicants and schedule interviews as they begin to narrow down the list.

He said he was impressed there are 10 applicants but he and other council members noted there were 10 applicants the last time a seat on council became open when John Mansell stepped down. His seat was filled by Lamar Liming.

The person selected for Jones’ seat will serve through December 2021.

Jones, who officials said moved from the village last month, had served the village for 25 years. She had said she was leaving council because of personal reasons and wanting to spend more time with her family.

Jones had served as chair of many council committees and has been active in the community

In other business, council:

• Approved necessary consent paperwork with the Ohio Department of Transportation, for improvements and road resurfacing of state Route 45 from the Mahoning-Trumbull counties line to the village’s northern corporation limits;

• Approved increasing pay of Mike Sullivan on the Board of Public Affairs from $400 to $450 to be in line with what all the other board members are paid. Officials said Sullivan had been appointed on the board and could not receive an in-term pay increase when the others received their increase.

• Approved Lyden Oil Co. to supply the village’s gasoline and diesel fuel for 2020;

• Entered into an agreement with the Trumbull County Public Defender’s Office for legal defense of indigents for misdemeanor charges.

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When the New England Patriots drafted Rob Gronkowski in the second round of the 2010 NFL Draft, they didn’t know the caliber of player he would amount to be. But after nine seasons with the Patriots, Gronk has been named to the NFL 100 All-Time Team.

It’s an incredible feat to say the least, but definitely not surprising.

What Gronk was able to accomplish in just nine seasons is what most professional football players dream of. He definitely altered the tight end position and left his mark on the game in the process for years to come. But according to head coach Bill Belichick, it was a bit of a slow start.

Here’s what Belichick said on the NFL Network show that revealed the list:

“Rob was kind of a shot in the dark. He came up on his pre-draft visit, had a bad visit. We put him in a room, came back, he was asleep on the floor, didn’t make a very good impression. You know, we brought him in, we were getting ready to have a meeting with the coaches and go through and then he fell asleep on the floor.”

The chemistry made between quarterback Tom Brady and Gronkowski is a huge part of the historic success of the New England Patriots in the 2010s decade.

His dominant presence on the field always called for a double-team, and Brady knew how to take advantage of it better than anyone. Gronk’s pure strength, paired with his athleticism, is what set him apart in the NFL.

Gronkowski has the most touchdowns in New England Patriots franchise history (80). Brady and Gronk are tied for most playoff touchdowns all-time by a quarterback-receiver duo with 12; Joe Montana and Jerry Rice also had 12. With that being said, Rob Gronkowski has the second-most playoff touchdowns in NFL history (12) behind Rice (22).

Over the course of Gronk’s impressive nine years of dominance in the league, he would become the greatest tight end in NFL history. He would also help lead the New England Patriots to five Super Bowl appearances, and he retired as a three-time Super Bowl champion. Not to mention he also retired as a five-time Pro Bowler and a four-time First-Team All Pro selection.

Tom Brady has had the most success as a quarterback in his career when he was throwing to Gronkowski. Brady’s 124.0 passer rating while targeting Gronk is the highest of any player Brady has thrown to with a minimum of 100 passes.

When Brady was asked about Gronk making the NFL 100 All-Time Team, he was happy and impressed by his former teammate. Here’s some of his remarks, courtesy of WEEI’s Ryan Hannable and “The Greg Hill Show”:

“I think showing his mental and physical toughness, his approach to the game, his leadership. What he did on a play by play basis — he’s as deserving as anyone to be named to that team. It was amazing for him, and he deserves it. I’m proud of him. Another one of the great players I’ve had a chance to play with.”

There are currently nine tight ends in the National Football League Hall of Fame, and Gronkowski was more productive than all of them, including: Dave Casper, Mike Ditka, John Mackey, Ozzie Newsome, Charlie Sanders, Shannon Sharpe, Jackie Smith, Kellen Winslow, and Tony Gonzalez.

Rob Gronkowski has definitely achieved enough to be considered a first-ballot Hall of Famer. His 521 receptions, 7,861 yards, and 79 receiving touchdowns (most in the NFL since 2010 when he was drafted) prove himself worthy of the title.

On the NFL 100 All-Time Team reveal show with Cris Collinsworth, Rich Eisen, and Bill Belichick, Belichick had more great things to say about his former player and future Hall of Fame tight end:

“He was a tremendous blocker. He’s a great kid. Whatever his public persona is on the dance floor or at a party, in the building there is no better teammate, he works extremely hard. He had a great catch-radius for kind of as stiff as he is, he could balls on the shoelaces, he could get them over his head, and he could get them behind him.”

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The vacant former Greyhound bus station downtown could soon have a new tenant: the city of Toledo.

The city’s division of engineering services is asking city council to approve a 12-year lease agreement with Water Street Development, LLC, owned by local developer Dave Ball, so the division can move from its current location at One Lake Erie Center to the former bus station at the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Michigan Street — directly adjacent to the Pythian Castle, which Mr. Ball also owns.

The proposed lease agreement is for $38,914 per month for the first five years and $30,214 per month for the remaining seven. The monthly rent includes parking.

Doug Stephens, engineering services administrator, said the additional fees for the first five years are to pay for the installation of employee work stations, equipment for a large conference room, and communications and data infrastructure. Mr. Stephens said the conference room can double as a space to hold public meetings about upcoming projects or as a space to hold day-long conferences.

“I think it’s going to be a really good location and gives us the opportunity for expansion in the future,” he said. “We’re looking to enter into an agreement so that they can begin doing the build-out on this, hopefully by the end of this year.”

The deal hinges on Mr. Ball paying the $18,000 in property taxes owed on the property, and likely the $2,000 in property taxes owed on the Pythian Castle.

“I don’t believe city council will approve it, nor should it, if Mr. Ball isn’t current on his taxes,” Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz said.

Lucas County’s online property records on Thursday showed Mr. Ball paid his $2,000 bill on Tuesday, but the $18,000 is still outstanding. Mr. Ball said both tax bills were paid in full and guessed the database had not yet been updated to reflect that.

Mr. Ball acquired the Pythian Castle from the Lucas County Land Bank in 2016 to redevelop alongside the Greyhound building, which he already owned. The nonprofit gave him a $276,000 loan and a deadline to get a roof on the aging structure. The November, 2019 deadline came and went, but the Land Bank granted Mr. Ball an extension to finish the roof and to make the building habitable.

The roof must now be on by late February and the building must be safe, nuisance-free, and ready to attract tenants by Nov. 30, 2020.

Mr. Kapszukiewicz — who came under fire from political opponents when he accepted free office space from Mr. Ball while he was chair of the land bank during his 2017 mayoral campaign — said moving engineering services to the former Greyhound building has the potential to be a win for several parties.

The Eyde family, which owns downtown’s One Lake Erie Center where engineering services currently rents space, needs the city to vacate its portion of the building so they can repair lingering damage from a burst pipe in 2018 and then redevelop the structure into a mix of residential and commercial.

Engineering services needs a building with parking and a large meeting space, and the Greyhound building needs a tenant.

“We believe that having the Greyhound station occupied and vibrant will assist in the redevelopment of the Pythian Castle, which is important to our community regardless of who is developing it,” Mr. Kapszukiewicz said.

City Council has not yet voted on the proposed lease agreement because District 1 Councilman Tyrone Riley requested more information from city officials about the deal. He said he wants to know if officials researched other options or considered buying a space to renovate and own.

“I just want to make sure that engineering services does their due diligence in finding the best location for them to move,” he said. “They’re making a sizable investment, and I want to make sure they have explored all options.”

Mr. Stephens said he did consider other options, including moving to One Government Center or Four SeaGate downtown, but part of the draw of the old Greyhound building is the secure, 100-space parking lot on site. The division has 33 work vehicles, plus 65 employees with their own vehicles they need to park, he said.

The price is in line with the division’s current budget, he added.

He said engineering services pays monthly rent, including parking fees, between $30,000 and $31,000 now, and the monthly price of parking is going to go up by about $3,400 beginning in 2020.

Mr. Ball refuted the notion that a potential lease agreement with the city was done as a favor to ensure a rent-paying tenant would be in the Greyhound site while the costly Pythian Castle work moves forward.

“This is the only building that works downtown. It’s the right size, and most importantly it has the parking spaces that they need,” he said. “This is really a good thing for downtown. It’s going to be a catalyst for other development on this little section that can use it.”

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To pass the time until September, I’m going to be taking you back in time frequently to share with you some of my favorite Arizona Football memories.

The flux capacitor is fluxing and we are just 88 mph away from yesteryear.  Today we are going to set the time circuits to September 22, 1990.

When I was a kid one of my favorite things to do was go to Arizona Football games on Saturday nights with my Dad. He would take turns taking my Mom, sister, brother, and myself.

I would always put dibs on the games when ranked teams came to town.  My sister would try and pick games later in the season when it was cold,  so she could have hot chocolate all night.

That left my brother and Mom with the leftovers. That means they probably got to see the Cats take on NAU or Utep every other year.

In 1990 I put dibs on the Oregon game. At the time the Ducks were not the juggernaut they are considered today, but they were decent.  They were ranked 23rd that night, when they came to the desert.

Unfortunately Dad missed one of the greatest plays in Arizona Football history that night because he was out-of-town on business.   I went to the game with a friend from school instead.

The game was a pretty boring offensive affair, but cornerback Darryll Lewis made up for that with his outstanding play.  He intercepted two passes, including one he returned 52 yards for a touchdown.

(Check out the above video.  Start watching from about the 5:40 mark for one of the greatest moments in Arizona Football history.)

The biggest play of the night came late in the fourth quarter.  Things looked bleak for the Wildcats. They led 22-17, but the Ducks were knocking on the door.

With under two minutes to play, Oregon had the ball on Arizona’s three-yard line.  The Cats found a way to hold the Ducks until fourth down. On 4th and goal from the one-yard line the Cats had to Bear Down for one more play,  to seal the victory.

Oregon quarterback Bill Musgrave took the snap and decided to make a run for the front right pylon.

Coming from the back of the end zone, Lewis had a long way to go to make a play.  It was so nerve-racking. It looked like Musgrave was going to ruin the Cats Pac-10 opener.

Then Lewis came out of nowhere, knocking Musgrave out of bounds and stopping him inches from the goal line.
Brad’s ticket stub, signed by the great Darryll Lewis. Photo by Brad Malone

The Cats were victorious!

Lewis’s performance put him on track to be a candidate for the Jim Thorpe Award, given to the best defensive back in college football.

I knew this game was special and I wanted something to remember it by.

After the game my buddy and I waited outside of McKale Center to try and see if Lewis would sign my ticket stub. Everyone wanted a piece of our hero, but after a bit of waiting,  Lewis signed my ticket and I still have it 25 years later.

Later that season, Lewis helped his Thorpe candidacy when the Wildcats visited the UCLA Bruins in Pasadena.   Late in the game, tied at 21, Lewis intercepted a pass and ran 70 yards for the game winning touchdown.

Lewis ended the Pac-10 season with seven interceptions.

When the year ended he was the first Arizona player to win the Jim Thorpe Award, but he would not be the last.  Antoine Cason took home the Thorpe trophy after the 2007 season.

Lewis and Cason had their jerseys retired at Arizona in 2010.

It’s too bad my Dad had to miss one of the greatest individual plays in Arizona Football history.  I’m just glad the game wasn’t on a cold night in November, or my sister might have seen it instead of me.

Can’t wait for Thursday Sep. 3 when our Wildcats take on UTSA at Arizona Stadium.

Bear Down!

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NFL Week 16 featured an exciting triple-header of Saturday games, two overtime contests and a major upset.

The Houston Texans and New England Patriots clinched their respective divisions on Saturday. The Texans won the AFC South for the second straight season and fourth time in the past five years, while the Patriots claimed the AFC East for the 11th consecutive season.

The New York Giants defeated the Washington Redskins 41-35 at Fed Ex Field in overtime in the highest scoring affair of the weekend. The Miami Dolphins squandered a 23-point fourth-quarter lead, but eventually topped the Cincinnati Bengals in OT. Cincinnati (1-14) secured the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft with the defeat.

In the most shocking result of the weekend, the Arizona Cardinals took down the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field. Seattle can still win the NFC West with a home victory over the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday night. But the Seahawks have now dropped three home games in 2019 and lost starting running back Chris Carson to a season-ending hip injury.

Before the final week of the season kicks off, let’s first discuss 10 stars who defined Week 16.
1. Michael Thomas

New Orleans Saints superstar wideout Michael Thomas broke Marvin Harrison’s single-season record for receptions. Harrison caught 143 passes in 2002. Thomas increased his 2019 total to 145 catches after hauling in 12 balls for 136 yards and a TD in the Saints’ 38-28 victory over the Tennessee Titans.

In addition to setting the single-season mark for catches, Thomas now holds the most all-time record for receptions over a two-season span. Thomas has 270 receptions in the past two years, breaking Antonio Brown’s mark of 258 catches between 2014 and 2015.

Thomas tops the NFL in both receiving yards and catches. He’s considerably ahead of the next closest players in both categories by a large margin. That’s fitting because Thomas is by far the best receiver in the league. As a matter of fact, he’s on pace to become one of the greatest receivers to ever play.

2. Chandler Jones

The Cardinals put the clamps on the Seahawks’ offense in their mammoth upset. They held quarterback Russell Wilson to a mere 169 yards passing. The Cardinals won 27-13, limiting the Seahawks to just one touchdown.

Outside linebacker Chandler Jones delivered a monster outing for Arizona. He tied a career-high with four sacks and registered six QB hits, two tackles for loss and two forced fumbles.

Jones leads the NFL in sacks with 19.5. He is three sacks away from tying Michael Strahan’s single-season sack (22.5) mark. Jones has mustered a sack in 13 of 15 games this season.

Jones also leads the league in forced fumbles with eight. While Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore seems like the best bet to nab Defensive Player of the Year, Jones should at least be in the discussion.

3. Saquon Barkley

Saquon Barkley was unable to replicate his success from his rookie season, as the running back was mired in a sophomore slump for much of the year. But Barkley has padded the box score in consecutive weeks, including his career afternoon on Sunday.

Barkley ran for a career-best 189 yards and a TD against the Redskins. This came on the heels of a 112-yard rushing performance against the Dolphins. Barkley added four catches for 90 yards and a touchdown on Sunday. Barkley accounted for 279 yards from scrimmage in an otherworldly showing.

Helping the Giants complete the season-sweep of the Redskins, Barkley demonstrated again why he is among the league’s elite tailbacks when healthy.

4. Daniel Jones

Giants rookie quarterback Daniel Jones returned to the lineup after missing two games with an ankle injury and promptly shredded the Redskins for 352 yards and five TDs. Tight end Kaden Smith caught two TD passes, including the walk-off score in overtime.

Jones posted a 132.1 passer rating. His passer rating, yardage total and touchdowns were all the highest of his rookie campaign.
5. Ryan Fitzpatrick

Vintage ‘Fitzmagic’ came through in the Dolphins’ 38-35 OT win versus the Bengals. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 419 yards and four touchdowns with one interception. Three of Fitzpatrick’s TD passes came before intermission—the second time this season he has tossed three scores before halftime.

DeVante Parker and Mike Gesicki were Fitzpatrick’s go-to targets. Parker caught five balls for 111 yards and one touchdown. Gesicki had six catches for 82 yards and two TDs.

Fitzpatrick has 11 four-TD games in his 10-year career. He is the only QB in NFL history to throw 4+ TDs in a single game for five different teams.
6. Kenyan Drake

Cardinals running back Kenyan Drake followed up his 4-TD performance from Week 15 with another sensational game. Drake gashed the Seahawks for 166 yards and two TDs. He went untouched on his 80-yard TD scamper, showcasing his blazing speed.

While Chandler Jones did the heavy lifting (per usual) for Arizona’s defense, Drake guided the offense for the second consecutive contest. Drake has amassed 330 rushing yards and 6 TDs in the Cardinals’ two-game win streak.
7. Nyheim Hines

Nyheim Hines put forth one of the greatest games ever by a punt returner.

Hines, the Colts running back/return man, returned three punts for Indianapolis in its 38-6 thrashing of visiting Carolina. He dashed for 40 yards on the first one, which set up an eventual 1-yard TD run for quarterback Jacoby Brissett early in the first quarter. Hines darted for a 84-yard TD on his second return later in the period.

Hines ran his third and final punt back 71 yards for a TD. He became the first player to have multiple punt return touchdowns in a game since Darius Reynaud in 2012.

Hines logged 195 punt return yards on just three attempts—an incredible 65-yard average.

8. Miles Sanders

The Philadelphia Eagles (8-7) are in the driver’s seat to win the NFC East after defeating the Dallas Cowboys 17-9 on Sunday afternoon.

Rookie halfback Miles Sanders led the charge on offense, rushing 20 times for 79 yards and a touchdown while catching five passes for an additional 77 yards.

During the Eagles’ three-game winning streak, Sanders has compiled 69 touches for 397 yards from scrimmage and three touchdowns (two rushing, one receiving). Sanders set Eagles rookie records for rushing yards and yards from scrimmage in Week 15 and piled on to his season totals versus the Cowboys.

The Eagles clinch the division title with a win next week against the Giants.
9. Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews has remained Lamar Jackson’s favorite target all season and Sunday was no different. The tight end caught six balls for 96 yards and two touchdowns, helping the Baltimore Ravens upend the Cleveland Browns 31-15. The Ravens clinched the No. 1 seed in the AFC, allowing them to rest some starters for Week 17.

Andrews leads all tight ends in TDs with 10. In fact, he ranks second among all NFL players for receiving TDs. Only Detroit Lions wide receiver Kenny Golladay has more receiving scores (11). A big play machine, Andrews has accumulated the most catches of 20+ yards among tight ends with 16.
10. Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones put the Green Bay Packers on his back during Monday Night Football, helping them win their first NFC North title since 2016. Despite losing a fumble early in the contest, Jones was the best player on the field in the Packers’ 23-10 win over the host Minnesota Vikings.

The 25-year-old running back rushed for 154 yards and two second-half touchdowns.

Jones leads the NFL in rushing TDs (16) and total touchdowns (19).

Honorable Mention: Alvin Kamara

Thomas wasn’t the only Saint to torch the Titans on Sunday. Running back Alvin Kamara ended his long touchdown drought by rushing for two scores. He turned 11 carries into 80 yards on the ground (7.3 yards per attempt) and collected six receptions for 30 yards.

Kamara hadn’t scored since Week 3 but doubled his season TD total by reaching the end zone twice.

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Jackson Michael has brought the Luv ya Blue Oilers back to life.

Michael’s new audio book Red, White and Columbia Blue: Chasing the Dream with the 1979 Houston Oilers takes a look back at one of Houston’s most beloved teams.

Michael’s work features stories and interviews from some of the key members of the team, including Dan Pastorini, Elvin Bethea, Curley Culp, Robert Brazile and more.

Red, White and Columbia Blue takes the reader through each game of the 1979 season, including the climactic 1979 AFC Championship game at Pittsburgh that featured one of the most controversial calls in NFL history – the Mike Renfro play.

The book combines magical moments with insights into many of the players on the legendary Pittsburgh Steelers in addition to the Oilers.

The audio book is a must for any fan of the Oilers and gift card options are available.

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Curtis Alan Duncan, 38, passed away in Newport, OR. He was born in Corvallis, OR to Gary Alan Duncan and Bonnie Mae Barrett-Stalker. He had two siblings, Jamie Duncan and Nick Duncan.

Curtis married to Cynthia Duncan on August 25, 2010 in Sandy, OR. He was father to Kaytlyn Smith, Curtis Duncan, Alysha Duncan, and Annie Duncan.

Curtis had a great love for his family and friends; one of his greatest accomplishments was his four children. He loved being outdoors, riding motorcycles, working on cars, hunting, and fishing. But most of all, Curtis found great joy helping his family and friends however he could.

His career choice and passion was as a heavy equipment operator. His proudest career moment was seeing his accomplishments from start to finish.

Curtis will be greatly missed.

Curtis Alan Duncan January 19, 1981 – September 6, 2019

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Jackson Michael has brought the Luv ya Blue Oilers back to life.

Michael’s new audio book Red, White and Columbia Blue: Chasing the Dream with the 1979 Houston Oilers takes a look back at one of Houston’s most beloved teams.

Michael’s work features stories and interviews from some of the key members of the team, including Dan Pastorini, Elvin Bethea, Curley Culp, Robert Brazile and more.

Red, White and Columbia Blue takes the reader through each game of the 1979 season, including the climactic 1979 AFC Championship game at Pittsburgh that featured one of the most controversial calls in NFL history – the Mike Renfro play.

The book combines magical moments with insights into many of the players on the legendary Pittsburgh Steelers in addition to the Oilers.

The audio book is a must for any fan of the Oilers and gift card options are available.

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A current Houston player wasn’t too impressed by Alabama coach Nick Saban. But Saban made a real impression on a former Houston player, when the Titans were the Oilers and the Oilers were in Texas and Saban coached the defensive backs.

Cris Dishman, a Pro Bowl cornerback who played under Saban in the late 1980s, recalls in the excellent biography Saban: The Making of a Coach that the position coach provided constant agitation. (Monte Burke’s excellent look at one of the best college football coaches of all time debuts August 4; PFT has finagled an advance copy.)

“I thought my name was ‘F–king A–hole’ for a long time,” Dishman told Burke. “First name ‘F–king,’ last name ‘A–hole.’”

Dishman told Burke that the player occasionally checked the back of his jersey to make sure his real name was on there.

And Dishman wasn’t the only one who head it from Saban. Safety Keith Bostic once reacted to Saban during a meeting by pouncing on him. Bostic and Saban wrestled on the floor until other players broke it up.

The situation becomes downright bizarre when considering that the ultra-intense Saban worked on the Oilers staff for Jerry Glanville, a notoriously loose and undisciplined coach.

“I do think Nick was a little shocked at the way we did things here,” Glanville told Burke. “I do think I remember him smiling twice.”

That’s two more times than the rest of us remember him smiling.